The Parish has just completed a family ministry pilot programme called, Home is a Holy Place (May and June 2013). 9 families from our parish participated in the 6 week programme looking at faith at home, recognising the holiness in our everyday lives at home and offering practical support. Each week of the programme, the parents looked at different aspects of family life, with topics such as, What does home mean to you?, How do you and your family show love for one another?, What are the challenges in your family relationships? and when are you most aware of God in your family experiences?

We hope to run this programme again soon. If any parents would like to participate, please contact our Parish Pastoral Worker on  0646671216 or

Family Prayers

A Prayer for Parents (Adapted from a prayer by Marian Wright Edelman)

Creator God, thank you for the gift of our children,
their lives to share,
their bodies to nurture,
their minds to mould,
and their spirits to enrich.
May we always be deserving of their trust,
supportive of their hopes
and encouraging of their dreams.
Let your grace and love fall on these,
our most precious gifts,
like a gentle breeze giving inner strength,
peace and patience for the journey ahead. Amen

Praying with our Grandparents

Visiting the church

Can you identify and name these within your Church

Meditation and Children Today


Prayer through Art