Ministers of the Eucharist are called to minister the Body and Blood of Christ to the assembled faithful. To serve as a Minister of the Eucharist reflects, not only, a  response to your baptismal call, but a commitment to Christ by sharing in the leading aspects of the Church.

Eucharistic Ministers, recognize the Body of Christ in those to whom they offer Eucharist  are called to take on Christ’s likeness and to draw faith from the people of God. The ministers accomplish this by strengthening their faith from within and sharing it with the faithful at communion time.

Yours is a share in the work of the Lord’s Spirit who makes of us one bread, one body, the cup of blessing. Yours is a work of ministering Christ’s body and blood to the body of Christ, the Church. Yours is service at the Lord’s reconciling table.

Eucharist Love one Another


St Mary’s Cathedral: Bridie O’Neill

Church of the Holy Spirit, Muckross:  Eamon Toland

Church of the Resurrection: Sr Scholastica

Eucharistic Ministers rotate on a weekly or monthly basis and have occasional meetings and training. Being a Eucharistic Minister, is one of a number of responses we have to our baptismal calling to serve the people of God and also a commitment to Christ. To offer the Eucharist is a privilege for ministers and one where it allows them to act as the Body of Christ by fully participating in the life of the parish and wider community. In this time in our parish, it is difficult to recruit new ministers so we ask you to consider sharing your gifts and become a minister in this vital and important part of our faith. Please contact the Parish Office

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