Church of the Resurrection: Sr Scholastica and Fr Niall Howard

St Mary’s Cathedral: Tadhg Fleming and Fr Pat Horgan 

Church of the Holy Spirit, Muckross: Sr Pauline Boyle and Peggy Keane

Our Altar Servers are an important part of the celebration of the Eucharist in our parish community. They assist the priest by carrying the cross or candles in procession, hold the book for the presider’s prayers, assist with setting and removing things to and from the altar table, and serve as role models for participation in the Mass. In keeping with our policy statement, we will work to create safe environments for children and young people in order to enable their full participation.



Church of the Resurrection: Eileen O’Connor and Sheila Goulding

Telephone Number: Eileen  or Sheila 

The Children’s Liturgy takes place each Sunday 11am Church of the Resurrection. During Mass, the children in the congregation are invited to a twenty minute workshop, participating in activities that are based on the Gospel of the Day. All the children are aged between 3 – 12 years old and divided into three groups: 3-5 years, 6-8 years and 9-12 years. They usually work with 3-4 group leaders



Our parish collectors take up the Sunday offerings every week in all of our churches. Some of our collectors have been involved in this ministry for many years and we are grateful for their dedication and the valuable service they give to the parish.



The Contact People are numerous and span across all areas of the parish. One of their main roles is in the distribution of parish envelopes, as well as having a laising role between parishioners in their area and the priests of the parish.



Our Counters are a group of people who, voluntarily, assist in counting the parish collection money each week. They work on a rota basis and give of their time to assist in the financial ministry of the church.


God has gifted us and calls us to use our gifts.  If you’re willing to serve in any of our ministries: collecting, counting or being a contact person in your area, please call the parish office 0646631014.



Church of the Resurrection: Margaret Leacy

St Mary’s Cathedral: Kathleen O’Sullivan 

Eucharistic Adoration is adoring or honouring the Eucharistic Presence of Christ. In a deeper sense, it involves the contemplation of the Mystery of Christ truly present before us. During Eucharistic Adoration, we watch and wait, we remain silent in His Presence and open ourselves to His Graces which flow from the Eucharist. The Lord draws us to Himself and gently transforms us. Eucharistic Adoration takes place in the Church of the Resurrection each Tuesday 10am – 8.30pm and in St Mary’s Cathedral every Wednesday 11am – 6pm .



St Mary’s Cathedral: Christina McGough 

Church of the Holy Spirit, Muckross: Peggy Keane

Church of the Resurrection: Eileen O’Connor 

Our Churches are a blessing to our parish and all who worship here. They are kept in pristine condition by a group of people, many of whom offer their time voluntarily to the parish. All of those who clean and take care of our churches offer an invaluable service.



Contact: Tom O’Donoghue, Joe Green and Emanuele Chinaglia

Telephone: Tom, Joe, Emanuele


The nature of the Neo Catechuminal Way is defined by his Holiness John Paul II, when he writes: “I recognize the Neocatechuminal Way as an itinerary of Catholic formation, valid for our society and for our times.” It is at service to the Bishop as one of the forms of diocesan implementation of Christian Initiation and of ongoing education in faith. The group meet on Saturday evenings to celebrate Eucharist at 7.30pm in St Brendan’s Chapel, and on Tuesday or Wednesday for Liturgy of the Word. Usually during Lent and Advent (twice a year), they give information talks, twice a week for eight weeks. These talks are Kerygmatic Catechesis and are open to everyone, free of charge.



St Mary’s Cathedral

Contact: Peggy Doherty 

The Cathedral Rosary Group offer a wonderful service to our cathedral; dedicated to praying the Angelus and the Rosary in St Mary’s Cathedral 6pm – 6.15pm Monday – Friday, and 5.45 – 6pm Saturday. This is also broadcast through our parish radio link into homes in the parish. The group use a rota system and full training is given if anyone would like to be part of this group.



St Mary’s Cathedral: Tadhg Fleming 

Church of Resurrection: Christy O’Connor, Hannah Keogh, Brid Condon, Nanette O’Leary, Eileen O’Connor 

Muckross: Peggy Keane

To serve as a Sacristan, reflects not only a response to a Baptismal call to serve the people of God, but a commitment to Christ to share in one of the leading aspects of the Church. Sacristans serve the parish by preparing the physical elements needed for the Mass which requires a great attention to detail. We are grateful for those who volunteer and rotate in their ministry as sacristans. Our Cathedral Sacristan, Tadhg Fleming has given over 50 years of service to our parish.



Contact: Dan Mc Auliffe

Telephone number:  0646622668


Four Groups in Killarney:

  • St Mary’s family visitation, Teddy Bowler (President)
  • St Bridgid’s family visitation, Mary Healy (President)
  • St Raphael’s family visitation, Geraldine Collins (President)
  • St Joseph’s hospital visitation, Danny Twomey (President)

The work of the Society of St Vincent de Paul is varied. SVP are committed to respecting the dignity of those they assist and to foster self respect through support and friendship. They provide material items and other supports to those in need and assure confidentiality at all times as well as establishing relationships based on trust, friendship and respect. Other work includes family and hospital visitation, breakfast club, education grants, social housing (20 apartments), also 3 meeting rooms available to local organisations.

SVP have four groups who meet:

St Mary’s every Wednesday 8pm Ozanam House, Green Lawn, New Street

St Bridgid’s every Wednesday 8pm St Anne’s House, St Anne’s Road

St Joseph’s every Wednesday 8pm at St Columbanus Home

St Raphael’s Monday 8pm Ozanam House, Green Lawn, New Street