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What distinguishes the Franciscans is their spirituality, or the combination of ideals, attitudes and devotions that characterise their life of prayer, brotherhood and service. Their aim is to live the Gospel of Jesus according to the manner of St Francis. Francis’s vision was a simple one: he saw himself as living in a universe that reflected the beauty of God, sharing it with other creatures whom he regarded as his brothers and sisters. He sought to respond to God’s generous love in a spirit of humility and poverty, in simplicity, joy, peace, gratitude and service and with a profound respect for all humans and other creatures.

The Franciscans continue:

to share the Good news of Jesus Christ,

in fidelity to the Church,

living in brotherhood,

in poverty, chastity and obedience,

working for those in need and for justice,

for the respect due to all people and to all creation,

promoting harmony and peace.



Contact: Sr Mary Sheils FMDM

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The Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood (FMDM) are an international religious congregation of catholic women who proclaim with their lives the joy and freedom of the Gospel in the spirit of Francis and Clare of Assisi, sharing the life of their brothers and sisters wherever they go. The mission of the FMDM is to witness to Gospel Living in community and a radical following of Jesus. They share in Christ’s mission by channelling their energies and resources, primarily for the voiceless and the vulnerable, in education, health-care and social, pastoral & spiritual support.



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Founded in England in 1877, by Venerable Mary Potter, the first Irish community of the Little Company of Mary was formed in 1888 with the opening of St. John’s Hospital in Limerick. From the first beginnings of the Little Company of Mary, Irish women committed themselves to the vision of the founder, and have sought to create a world in which every human person – and particularly those who are dying – receive the care and love they need to become whole in body, mind and spirit. Prayer and care for the sick and dying permeates all of their ministries. The Little Company of Mary Sisters in Killarney are elderly retired nursing sisters who live in a small community of seven. Their ministry includes sharing, caring for each other and being witnesses of Christ, and a presence in the parish community. They make themselves available within the parish mainly available for prayer (requests), Ministers of the Eucharist and Ministers of the Word.



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The Institute of Blessed Virgin Mary founded by Mary Ward – a Yorkshire lady in 1609, founded in Ireland in 1822 by Teresa Ball, a Dublin lady educated and trained in Bar Convent York. They are better known in Ireland as ‘Loreto Sisters’, first established in Loreto Abbey Rathfarnham, but soon spread throughout the country and to all the continents. The last foundation by the Irish Branch was in Southern Sudan. The main work of the Loreto Sisters is teaching, and “other works congruous to the times”. At present, the sisters are involved in trustee-ship of schools, chaplaincy in schools, prisons and hospitals, boards of management, pastoral councils and adult education.  Wherever the need arises, Loreto sisters are willing when sisters are available. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam: All for the Greater Glory of God



Contact: Br. Barry Noel

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The Presentation Brothers are an international Roman Catholic congregation of religious brothers working in several countries. They believe that Jesus Christ is calling us to serve him and his people in a radical way. They live their baptismal promises through sharing all that they earn and by devoting their lives to the service of people. They take three vows; chastity, poverty and obedience and they live together in small groups called communities where they support one another and live out their challenging lifestyle. In Killarney, they meet three times daily for community prayer. Every Thursday evening from 5pm – 6pm, they hold a Holy Hour in their Community Chapel to pray for vocations and the needs of the people of the Parish. They often work as teachers, social workers, pastoral workers, chaplains – all for the greater glory of God. In Killarney Parish the young brothers work in voluntary basis with the Kerry Diocesan Youth Service (KDYS) and the Kerry Parents and Friends Association. They also proclaim the Word of God in our Churches on a weekly basis.



Contact: Sr Kathleen Quinlan

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Living as a religious community, Presentation Sisters commit themselves to deepening their relationship with God and to continuing the mission of Jesus. A Presentation Sister’s life is essentially a prayerful, reflective living in today’s world. This life of service calls for time apart – alone and with others – to stop, look at, listen to what God is doing, saying, asking in the world today. Today Presentation Sisters are in five continents, promoting the rights and dignity of those who are poor, through a variety of works including education, pastoral work, health care, catechetics and faith development. Killarney’s Presentation Sisters continue the good work of their founder Nano Nagle by assisting in the Church as Ministers of the Eucharist, visiting hospitals and praying the Rosary at the funeral home. They are mainly retired Primary and Secondary Teachers.



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In 1831 Catherine McAuley founded the Order of the Sisters of Mercy in Dublin.

Catherine was an heiress. With her fortune, she did not choose to travel the world but instead travelled the back lanes and alleyways of the nineteenth century Dublin city. She sought out the poor, the sick, the homeless and the destitute. In 1844 The Killarney foundation opened. The sisters served the poor in their homes during famine times. They have also nursed in the hospitals and have been involved in education in the town for over one hundred and fifty years. There are twenty Mercy sisters living in our parish who are involved in various ministries including; prayer, visitation, ministry to the sick in nursing homes, Eucharistic Ministers, membership in Kerry Mental Health Association, visitation of house groups, prayer in house groups, Diocesan Bible Ministry, meditation groups, Active Retired Group, St Vincent de Paul Membership and Education



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The Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart was founded in 1866 at Penola in South Australia by Mary Mackillop and Fr Julian Tenison Woods. The clarity of Mary Mackillop’s vision (who was canonized in 2012) “never see a need without trying to remedy it” impels the sisters to identify and walk with those who are today’s poor and to be present to others in a respectful, prayerful, caring and hospitable way in the local community. From the beginning they have lived among people, sharing daily life and responding to the needs of the day.