We, in Killarney Parish,  endorse the Kerry Diocesan Child Protection Policy. We encourage the participation of children and young people in church life and activities.  It is important they feel that their contribution will enrich the church and that their voices will be heard and valued. It is also important to reassure them that their safety and wellbeing are paramount considerations at all times. The aim of this is to ensure the safety of children and young people, to enhance the work practices of church personnel and to reassure parents and guardians, as well as children themselves, that there is a commitment to best practice.

To read a copy of Killarney Parish Safeguarding Children policy, please click on the following link: Parish Policy

Parish Reps – Safeguarding Children (for contact info please call the Parish Office 0646631014): Sheila Goulding, Noel O’ Sullivan, Diocesan Designated Officer – Jim Sheehy

A summary brochure on Safeguarding Children in the Diocese of Kerry is available. This brochure gives a short summary of:

1. What Kerry Diocese is doing in relation to Safeguarding Children!

2. Who are the people involved in Safeguarding Children!

3. How we are all involved in the process of Safeguarding children!

Safeguarding Children full text policy

documentSafeguarding Children