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The Youth 2000 prayer group meet every Friday evening in our Parish. If you would like more information, or to join us, please contact the Parish Office 0646631014. We welcome all young people, so please feel free to come along!

What is Youth 2000?

Youth 2000 is an international movement of young people called to spread the Good News of the Catholic faith and share this experience with other young people. We have around 40 weekly prayer groups around the country, 16 to 18 weekend retreats throughout the year, a summer festival, an annual ball and various other social events – all organised by young people, for young people.Youth leading youth to the heart of the Church

Our motto is “Youth leading youth to the heart of the Church.” We have experienced the love of God in our lives, and come to know how joyful and fulfilling it is to live out the Catholic faith. We want to share this with others, and lead our peers to Jesus Christ, the source of all love, joy and happiness.


“Dear young people,
the happiness you are seeking has a name and a face –
it is Jesus of Nazareth,
hidden in the Eucharist “
(Pope Benedict XVI, World Youth Day Cologne 2005)

History: Youth 2000 was started by a young Englishman called Ernest Williams after World Youth Day in Santiago de Compostela in Spain in 1989, when Pope John Paul II called for young people to spread the Good News of Jesus among their peers. “It is to you young people that the task first falls of bearing witness to the faith and of bringing into the third millennium the Gospel of Christ, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.” – Pope John Paul II. In response to this, Ernest began to gather young people together in prayer, and soon this initiative, known as Youth 2000, spread to more than 25 countries all over the world.


Youth 2000 International Mission Statement: Youth 2000 is a spiritual initiative established to draw young people through Mary to a deep and lasting union with Jesus Christ, especially in the Eucharist, the “source and summit of the Christian life.” Youth 2000 carries out its mission, based on the vision of St John Bosco, in the following 3 ways, known as the 3 ‘pillars’ of Youth 2000:

1. Devotion to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament

2. Devotion to Our Lady particularly through the Rosary

3. Fidelity to the Teaching of the Church, including a deep love for Sacred Scripture.


The patron saints of Youth 2000 are:

1. St John Bosco

2. Our Lady of Guadalupe

3. St Joseph (for Youth 2000 Ireland)


September 2013

On Thursday 19th September 2013, the Parish invited 20 young people from our schools to a ‘thank you party’ for all of their hard work and commitment during their Transition Year. These young people were involved in projects and devoted their time and talents to the parish by helping others whilst fostering their own faith and spirtual development. The young people were involved in two main parish projects: Faithfoto and visitation of the nursing homes in Killarney. Pizza was served and certificates were presented – we had a fun afternoon and thank you to all who were involved! Any young people who would like to get involved in any of our parish projects please get in touch! We hope to run similar projects over the course of this year… Below is a photo of our group and adult volunteers

pizza party with teens

August 2013

Recently, 18 year old Ben Quinlan from the parish, returned home from World Youth Day in Brazil. He generously shared his experience with us. To read about Ben’s journey to Rio and what the experience meant to him, please click on the following link:

Prayer during exams

exam prayer



We are hugely proud of the TeenSpiriT Music Ministry initiative that has its roots in our Parish. Teen SpiriT is still going strong five years on! Anyone looking for more information about the Ministry, please click into the website


TeenSpiriT Killarney! Photo from INEC show 7th May 2013


Youth Projects (May – July 2013)

Young people in or Parish have just completed two parish-based Transition Year projects:

1. FaithFoto

‘Faithfoto’, a Killarney Parish Youth Ministry initiative, launched their brand new exhibition last Wednesday in St Mary’s Cathedral. Over the past number of months, a group of Transition Year pupils from St Bridget’s and St Brendan’s Secondary schools have been exploring faith through the lens of their cameras. Their photos have been to such a high standard, that the Parish decided to launch their own exhibition called FaithFoto. The project was led by photographer, Paul Keeling. Paul has had a wealth of experience particularly in terms of exploring faith through photography. Paul is the official photographer for many national events including, Rally for Precious Life, Youth Defence, The Legion of Mary annual Conference and Youth 2000. Paul is also the official photographer for Teen SpiriT. It is through this work that Parish Pastoral Worker Helena Connolly came into contact with him and asked him to get on board with this project. Paul says, “When I was asked to get involved in the FaithFoto project I was delighted. This project, is unique in that the youth involved do their own searching.  It is about sowing a seed….they do the “faith” work themselves. Photography gives them a chance to look with new eyes…it gives them a different perspective. It makes them take the time to look and see what is going on in the Faith Community around them. It gives them an opportunity to appreciate the things around them that they might otherwise take for granted…..and have a bit of craic at the same time! I personally have seen some of the youth involved grow in subtle ways, and really come out of themselves, and I was pleasantly surprised how quickly they picked up all the tips and tricks that I was able to pass on to them. I have learnt a lot through this project myself. It has given me a unique experience, and I feel it has had an impact on my faith journey as well as theirs.” To view more of Paul’s own portfolio please visit The exhibition will remain in the Cathedral during the summer months.

Faithfoto 2

Our Young photographers!


2. Visitation of the Elderly

A group of our Transition Years visited our elderly parishioners in our Care Homes.

Visitation 2013


Some photos from our family ministry programme: Home is a Holy Place – Final Family Party June 2013



Brid O'Shea with some of our children from our parish family ministry programme 'Home is a Holy Place'

Brid O’Shea with some of our children from our parish family ministry programme ‘Home is a Holy  Place’

web 2

Home is a Holy Place Final night June 2013